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  Enter your Display Name

   Your name as you wish for it to appear.

Select your Listing Categories

Choose from the following categories:
Actor, Model, Voice-Over, Singer, Dancer, Musician,
Presenter, Performer, Movie-Extra.

• Standard Members may choose up to 2 categories

plus a free bonus listing in the Movie-Extra category.

• Gold Members may choose up to 8 categories
plus a free bonus listing in the Movie-Extra category.

Choose Representation Status and enter your Contact Details

• Agency Represented: Agency represented artists and students of registered drama schools can simply select their agency/school from the drop-down menu. Alternatively, if you registered using an agency code, your contact details will already be set.

• Independently Represented: This option allows users to enter their own contact details which will be displayed on their profile to registered casting users.

• Independent / Seeking Representation: This option allows users to enter their own contact details which will be displayed to both casting users and agency users recruiting new clients.


Input Search Criteria

Enter your physical details, skills, languages, etc
which will be used by our sophisticated search engine
allowing casting users to pin-point the talent they require.

Compose your Biography

Include a short biography which will appear on your profile
to introduce yourself to casting directors and industry personnel.

Upload Photographs

Upload your Main Photograph which will be shown in the search results and at the top of your profile. This is essentially your calling-card for casting personnel.

Additional photographs will be placed in the Gallery section of your profile.

Standard Members may add up to 5 images to their Gallery. Gold Members may add up to 20 images to their Gallery.

Featured Members
With Gold Membership, your main
photograph will also be featured periodically in the Featured Members section (with a link to your profile) at the bottom of every page

Add Credits

You may enter a list of credits for any productions that you have worked on and order them exactly as you want them.

Upload Audio

Upload your voice-reel which can be played or downloaded from your profile.

Add Video to your page

Embed video to your page by entering a url from YouTube or Vimeo. This is a great way to let casting users see your showreel or a video introduction of yourself.

Upload Files

Upload files such as CV, portfolio, magazine article, etc which can be downloaded from your profile.

Add Links

Add an unlimited number of links to your page to incorporate other sites such as your personal website or links to anything you may feel is relevant.
Talent Directory   

Your profile will be placed in our extensive talent directory which is searched by casting directors, advertising agencies, production companies, commercial photographers, agencies and industry personnel looking to cast children in Ireland.


Our highly sophisticated search engine allows users to pin-point the talent they require. The directory consists of both independent and agency represented artists. So, for example, a casting user may use the directory to find contact details for a well known artist or enter their specific casting requirements to find a suitable newcomer that fits the bill.



Users can also browse the directory by selecting an age category and gender.


Results of members matching the search criteria are listed with a thumbnail photograph and some basic information.

Users can easily switch between ‘List View’ and ‘Thumbnails’ and choose the sorting order of results.


Priority Listing
As a Gold Member, your listing will be given priority and will always appear at the top of search results.

Starred Members

By clicking the ‘star’ icon to the right of your listing, casting users may add you to their ‘Starred Members’ folder for quick reference.



Casting users may also add your profile to a short-list which they have created for a specific role.



By clicking the thumbnail image of your listing, casting users can view your ChildStar profile complete with your contact details, physical attributes, biography, credits, voice reels, video reels, image gallery, file repository and links.
Send and Receive Messages

Casting and agent users may contact you by simply clicking the 'Contact' icon on your profile. Casting personnel can use this feature to book you for a job or check your availability. Or if you are seeking representation, agencies can recruit you as a new client. With the contact form, they can send you a detailed message with up to 3 attachments. Once the 'Send' button has been clicked, the message will arrive in your Inbox.

You can also choose to have these messages
forwarded to your email address by turning Email Notification 'On'.

You (or your agent) can reply directly to the sender
and a copy of all communication will be kept in your Sent Mail folder.

Casting Invites
• Auditions •

This makes the casting directors job a whole lot easier as they will receive a full list of candidates who are confirmed for a casting in the order that they will be arriving. They can print this list and use it as a schedule for the day.

Receive Casting Invites

Casting directors can invite you to attend a casting / audition by simply clicking the ‘Invite to Casting’ button on your profile.

You will receive the full details of the appointment with a message from the casting director and any relevant attachments such as audition scripts, etc.

You (or your agent) can respond to the invite by clicking ‘Confirm’, ‘Decline’ or request a new time from the casting director.

This also greatly reduces the amount of work for agents as clients can confirm themselves for a casting and will already have the full details of the appointment (even if it is outside agency office hours). Their agent will be notified instantly when they respond.
Promote your profile

Viewing PIN

You will be given a unique VIEWING PIN which
can be shared with anyone that you wish to grant
access to your profile. By entering this PIN in top
right corner of the site, the user will be brought
directly to your profile.

Unique URL

Each profile will have a unique url which can be sent to casting
personnel in an email eliminating the need to send large attachments.
You may also link to your page from other websites.

Privacy & Settings

Your profile page can only be accessed by registered casting professionals
(or by people with whom you share your Viewing PIN). However, you also have full control over who can see your basic listing.

You can make your basic listing visible to all users to increase exposure without divulging personal information (eg: using an alias or your first name only) and your profile will always be kept private. However, you can also choose to hide your basic listing from the search results at any time and make it visible to 'Registered Users Only' when they are logged in to their account. It's entirely up to you!