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Find Talent 



Artist Name / Keyword Search

If you know the name of an artist, you can pin-point their profile by entering all or part of their name in the Artist Name search field.

Alternatively, if you know the name of a Production you have seen them in, a Director they have worked with, a Role they played, the name of their Agent or any keyword from their Biography, you can
can quickly and easily find their profile using the Keyword search field.



Detailed Search

Our highly sophisticated search engine allows you to select from an extensive range of search options to pin-point the talent you require.



You may also browse the directory by selecting an age category and gender.

Advanced Search

With Advanced Search Options enabled, you can choose from a whole range of additional physical attributes, skills sets, languages, location, artists who have experience in specific areas (such as feature films, theatre, etc), search their credits or specialized criteria such as twins, siblings, artists who have freckles, glasses, braces on teeth (or not!)... whatever you’re looking for, we’ve already thought of it...




Results of members matching your search criteria are listed with a thumbnail photograph and some basic information.

You can easily swith between ‘List View’ and ‘Thumbnails’ and choose the sorting order of results.

Featured Members
Gold Members will be featured periodically in the Featured Members section at the bottom of every page.


By clicking the thumbnail image of a member,
you can view their interactive ChildStar profile...



Contact Details for members are displayed at the top of their profile.

If the member is represented by an agency, their agency contact details will be displayed with a link to their agency profile page.


Agency Automatic
With this innovative feature, agencies can choose to add an additional set of contact details for clients to be used when their office is unattended. This allows casting users to contact members for the sole purpose of arranging casting appointments, but all offers of work, contracts, payments and negotiations must be communicated directly to the Agent. This is an invaluable feature which can help you organize castings at short notice, during holidays or over the weekend.


The member’s talent types and physical attributes are clearly displayed on their profile allowing you to check a wide range of details (such as height, weight, actual age, etc).


Read a brief biography with a summary of the member’s experience.


View additional photos of the member in their Gallery section.
Simply click a thumbnail image to enlarge it and view all images as a slide-show.


Details of productions that the member has been involved with are itemized in their Credits section.


Voice Reels

Listen to audio voice-reels which can be played or downloaded from their profile.


Watch showreels and videos of the member's previous work embedded from YouTube or Vimeo.

File Repository

Download files such as CVs, portfolio, magazine articles, etc from the member’s file repository.


Visit links to other websites relating to a particular member, such as their personal website, IMDB page, Spotlight profile, movie websites, etc.

Casting Tools
Starred Members

By clicking the ‘star’ icon on the member’s profile (or to the right of their listing), you may add members to your ‘Starred Members’ folder for quick reference.


You may also add members to a short-list which you have created for a specific role by clicking the ‘short-list’ icon on the member’s profile or to the right of their listing.

Printer Friendly

Click the ‘printer’ icon on a member’s profile to view a printer friendly version of the page which you can print for your files.


Send and Receive Messages

You may contact members by simply clicking the ‘Contact’ icon on their profile. You may use this feature to book a member for a job or check their availability.

With the contact form, you may send a detailed message with up to 3 attachments. Once the Send button has been clicked, the message will arrive in the member’s Inbox.

The members (or their agent) can reply directly to you and
a copy of all communication will be kept in your Sent Mail folder.

You may choose to have incoming messages forwarded to your email address by turning Email Notification ‘On’.

Issue Messages & Breakdowns to Groups

You can send messages with your casting requirements to multiple members by simply entering their file numbers.

You can also send a message to members on a Short-list that you have created or members that you have 'starred'.

Alternatively, you can email all registered Agencies or select the ones you want from the Agency list.

Create a Mailing List
based on your Search Criteria

By clicking the 'Star All' and 'Short-list All' icons at the top of the search results page, you can add all results which match your search criteria to a Short-list or to your Starred Members. This allows you to send a casting breakdown / group message to specific members that match your specialized search criteria by simply selecting that short-list when sending the message / breakdown.

Casting Invites

This also greatly reduces the amount of work for agents as clients can confirm themselves for a casting and will already have the full details of the appointment (even if it is outside agency office hours). Their agent will be notified instantly when they respond.

Send Casting Invites

If you wish to invite a member to a casting / audition, you may do so by simply clicking the ‘Invite to Casting’ button on their profile and completing the form.

By completing the form, you can send full details of the appointment with a detailed message and attachments such as audition scripts, etc (if necessary).

Members (or their agents) can respond to the invite by clicking ‘Confirm’, ‘Decline’ or ‘Request a New Time’.

Save Templates & Re-issue

We've thought of everything! Instead of having to re-type the message of your casting invite and re-attach audition sides, you can simply save your casting invite as a template. This will appear in a drop-down menu at the top of the page when issuing an invite. By selecting the template from the drop-down menu, all the details including Date, Time, Venue, Project, Role, your Message and Attachments will be there ready to send.

So if you wish to invite
another member to audition for the same role, it has never been easier - all you need to do is simply select the template for that role, give them a new time and click 'Send'. That's it!



Manage your Appointments

After you have sent a casting invite, the details will be displayed in your Appointments folder. The status will initially read ‘pending’. If an invite is confirmed, this will change to ‘confirmed’ and turn green. Likewise, if an invite has been declined, cancelled or expires, the status will be shown here. You can enable email notification to keep track of all your appointment changes.

You can easily filter appointments according to their status. As a casting director, this should make your job a whole lot easier as you can view a full list of candidates who are confirmed for a casting in the order that they will be arriving. With the printer friendly version, you can easily print this list and use it as a schedule for the day.




Unique URL

Each profile has a unique url which can be forwarded to casting personnel
by email eliminating the need to send large attachments.


Viewing PIN

Members may also share their VIEWING PIN with anyone
that they wish to grant access to their profile. By entering this
PIN in top right corner of the site, the user will be brought
directly to the member’s profile.





Agency Directory

Search the agency directory for listings of registered agencies and talent associations. View their agency profile with contact details and thumbnail images of the clients they represent which can be filtered by gender and playing age.

Children's Legislation

Find out the current legislation which is in place for children working
in the entertainment industry and download the necessary
Application Forms to apply for a child licence.


Quickly find services such as Casting Venues, Photographers and Equipment Rental, all in one place.