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uploaded 03/08/2023

Noah Pettit Navarro


File No : 90272

Independent / Seeking Representation
Contact : Miriam Pettit
Phone 1 : 0877595536 (Anytime)
Email : miriampettit@gmail.com
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Playing Age : 6-10 years
Actual Age : 9 Years 10 Months
Gender : Male
Hair Colour : Dark Blonde
Eye Colour : Hazel
Build : Medium
Hair Length : Mid Length
Height : 134 cm / 4ft 5in
Weight :
Ethnicity : Latino/Hispanic
Native Language : Spanish/Catalan/English
Native Accent : Irish/European Spanish
Country : Ireland
Region / County: Galway
Nearest City : Galway
Other Atributes :


Noah is a fun, dynamic, highly imaginative, creative and loveable child. He loves art, music, travelling, his family and friends, swimming, playing and being utterly himself. He enjoys drama classes, art classes, piano lessons, Taekwando and swimming. Noah is constantly creating art, sculptures, his own songs and little plays/performance pieces. He lives in Galway with his Irish mom, Spanish dad and three cats. He is also multilingual.


Fluent in all above languages


Noah is a talented artist, performer, he can sing and is learning to play piano. He has beformed on stage many times, including in lead roles. He also has completed and got a distinction in drama graded exams. He is multilingual. Noah is outgoing, fun and full of joy.