uploaded 11/12/2014

Josh Power-Disney

Actor, Model

File No : 79950

Playing Age : 19-22 years
Actual Age : 27 Years
Gender : Male
Hair Colour : Brown
Eye Colour : Hazel
Height :
Build : Medium
Hair Length Short
Ethnicity White/Caucasian
Native Language : English
Native Accent : Irish / neutral
Region / County: Dublin
Region / County: Dublin
Other Atributes :
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Josh has been outgoing and fearless from a young age. He launched a street party in London age 5 with break-dancing. He attended Kells Theatre School, and later the Simpson Stage School in Meath. He plays drums. He appeared with his younger brother Jamie in a Cash & Carry Kitchens Commercial which ran for 2 years. Josh was also an extra in the RTE drama series, Trouble in Paradise, and was cast in a commercial in Hollywood during an extended summer stay, although entertainment visa delays excluded him from taking up that casting.

Josh has ADHD, well-managed, but still exhibits an irresistible energy for life and contagious joy that has everyone relaxed and following the 'craic' where ever he goes. He has a natural empathy, especially amongst his peers, and a charm and ease in the spotlight. Josh has m.c.'d for a school visit from the Taoiseach Enda Kenny. Josh would be a natural for TV presenting, as well as dramatic acting.

Josh completed a year of Performing Arts in his Transition Year at school, for which he earned a distinction, and the lead role in the award-winning Year End play.

Josh has also done fashion show catwalk modelling and is a natural in front of cameras both still and film. He serves on his school council, and is not backward in coming forward with ideas and opinions, whilst at the same time being able to take direction well. He has also won awards for debating, and plays Soccer for his school, and Oldcastle United, and Gaelic for Oldcastle Minors as well.

Josh is a very proficient horseman, an all-round sportsman and team player, and played basketball nationally too. Josh's 3 passions are acting, sport and aeroplanes. He is a christian, attending a lively church in Dublin, and often going off on Youth Camps around the country. He is a natural comedian and proficient in many regional and international accents, as well as speaking French and Irish (silver Fainne in Irish, basic in French).


English (fluent)


Drumming; Surfing; Skate-boarding; Horse-riding; Most sports; Accents; Presenting/MC