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Photographic Guidelines

The photographs you use should be of a very good quality and clearly displaying the candidate's face. They should not be blurry, overexposed or too dark. The candidate should be alone in the picture, looking towards camera with no hats or any other accessories that will distract from seeing them. The best background is a white or neutral coloured wall.

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH - Requirements:

The Main Photograph you use must be a close-up portrait shot - your headshot! This will essentially become your calling card for casting personnel and it is very important that it is presented correctly if you want to get noticed.
Please ensure that the main photograph you use is a CLOSE-UP shot of your face and PORTRAIT (upright). This is extremely important! If your main photograph does not conform to these basic requirements, your listing may be hidden until the photograph has been replaced or modified.

The framing of your Main Photograph should look like the sample image shown on the right. If the image you are using is the wrong shape, taken too far away or crooked, you may use our Online Image Editor to CROP, ZOOM or ROTATE the image.

Having a good quality, correctly framed main photograph will greatly increase your chances of success with casting personnel.

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